About Barbara Foster (AKA Belladonna)

Barbara and Michael Foster married at 20 and soon decided a typical marriage was not for them. They went separate ways with other lovers, but continued to live and work together co-authoring several books. During summers in Vermont and winters in Miami, she visits Michael and Letha, but Barbara is heart and soul a Bohemian from Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. She is a poet and her first book is a tell-all memoir (Confessions of a Librarian: A Memoir of Loves.  (Riverdale Avenue Books: 2015) about her double life as a daytime Hunter College librarian and nighttime “culture vulture” “hotsy totsy”  sexy world traveler. She loves attending New York’s lively theater, dance performances, poetry readings, and burlesque clubs.

Her writing skills include in-depth historical research for books written by her historian, biographer husband Michael Foster. Her professional experience includes: Assoc. Prof. at CUNY, specializing in Women’s Studies. She has published print articles on education and travel and as “Belladonna” over 200 poems in journals in various countries. She was a “referee” for the Royal Geographical Society. She lectures frequently in the U.S. and abroad and has packed auditoriums from Washington’s Smithsonian to Cal Tech, Sidney, Buenos Aires, and Prague. She was selected as a Speaker (on Adah Isaacs Menken) by the NY State Council on the Humanities and has appeared in the media and often publishes Net articles.

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