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The Man in the Middle

by Michael Foster for Nerve magazine, 1997

Letha and I were naked in the mineral water Jacuzzi when Charlie knocked at the glass door.  He couldn’t see in but he was carrying a cordless phone. This is a small hotel in the hills above Palm Springs. Not much English spoken, which is why we were hiding out here. I wondered if my wife Barbara was calling from Marrakech. No, it was my publicist, and he was asking me to explain my menage a trois–living with two women–for over a dozen years. The ups, downs, little dramas and large contentment–in no more than 1,500 words.

For me the three-style in love affairs started in Brooklyn when I was four. I had two little girlfriends and the three of us would play doctor, nurse and patient. We learned what we could about each other’s anatomy. The prepubescent affair was terminated when my dad moved us way out to Long Island, but I never forgot the feeling of two females fussing over me. When I started to read novels, I would get upset if the hero had to choose between his two loves. Why couldn’t he keep them both? I figured I could because of my karma, though I didn’t know the word then. Once you hear the siren song of a threesome, you’ll know why it beats any other intimate arrangement–at least for the man in the middle.

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